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How safe is tzero™ technology?

Very. Our solution includes designed-in safety, which includes:

  • Protection against over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature conditions.

  • Battery floats with respect to vehicle chassis

  • Double insulated motor

  • Zero motor back-EMF when excitation removed

  • Interlocks prevent accidental operation

  • No exposed high voltage surfaces

  • All control wiring is grounded, 12 V or less

Can AC Propulsion partner with my company to provide a complete EV Solution?

Yes, we have worked with automotive and other clients around the world. Whether you are developing a sports car, sedan or bus, ACP can help you develop a customized solution according to your Electric Vehicle technology needs. Our engineering team can assist you in developing a vehicle according to your specifications: from design services to customizing our tzero™ drive system, Vehicle Management System or Battery Management System to licensing our proprietary technology, AC Propulsion will work with you to develop a powerful, safe and flexible solution.

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Drive System

How do you charge a tzero™ EV?

Our Reductive charging system can be plugged in to standard 120V, 208V or 240V outlets, and is compatible with existing level 2 conductive recharge stations, or with the new Level 2+ high power recharge stations for up to 20 kW of recharge power.

How much does the tzero™ solution weigh?

The copper-rotor induction motor weighs approximately 50 kg (110 lb) including its cooling system and produces 225 N-m (165 ft-lb) of torque from zero to 5000 rpm. The power electronics unit (PEU) weighs approximately 30 kg including its cooling system, and houses the traction motor inverter, 20-kW bidirectional charger/grid interface, and 100-Amp 13.5V accessory power supply.

What differentiates AC Propulsion's tzero™ technology from others?

tzero™'s drive system is the premiere solution for Electric Vehicles today:

  • Greatest Flexibility: tzero™ is the only technology in the Electric Vehicle space that is a proven, total solution for any type of EV, from sports cars to SUVs to electric buses.

  • Greatest Power: AC Propulsion's motor generates the most power in the industry – 200 kW (vs. 50-70 kW in typical EVs), the equivalent to more than 220 horsepower. A sports car using tzero™ technology can achieve 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

  • Long Range: Our technology includes regenerative braking capabilities, which recaptures a high percentage of available energy. Because regenerative braking operates separately from the friction brakes, tzero™ technology has a 30% greater driving range than other EV technologies. Our testing shows that a sports car can achieve a 300-mile range at 60 mph.

  • Charging Capabilities: tzero™ technology includes a proprietary integrated charger, which allows for 20 kW replenishment (typical = 4-7 kW). Our charger is compatible with GFI-protected outlets for user safety, allowing true plug-in-anywhere capability. 90 miles of driving range can be restored within one hour, and reduces charging time by 70% compared to typical EV chargers. Recharge efficiency:

  • Low cost: AC Propulsion invented and patented the Reductive™ Charger, which combines the drive system and the battery charger into a single unit – thereby lowering equipment cost. Driving an EV equipped with a Reductive™ Charger also means you can reduce necessary range and its potential costs because you are able to charge your vehicle just about anywhere.

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Grid Questions

How does AC Propulsion's technology integrate with the Grid?

AC Propulsion developed the first Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capable electric vehicle in the world: the eBox.

One of tzero™ technology's most attractive and unique features is the integrated 20-kW bi-directional grid power interface. With bi-directional capability, many new applications are opened up for electric drive vehicles of all types, including distributed generation, selling grid ancillary services, automated battery diagnostic discharge testing, and using vehicles to provide uninterruptible backup power to homes or businesses.

ACP offers the only drive system available with bi-directional charger that can produce grid-quality, 50 Hz or 60 Hz power from the vehicle battery, allowing technology within the vehicle to be used to operate equipment and keep a home or office powered. Additionally, AC Propulsion's technology is the only solution that can allow for V2V charge transfer, allowing it to rescue an EV with a dead battery by giving a boost charge.

With Grid technology enabling consumers greater access to solar and wind power, AC's tzero™ technology will play a vital role in regulating and stabilizing the grid, as well as buffering the natural variations in power output from huge solar and wind power installations

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Who manufactures AC Propulsion's products?

With the exception of the batteries themselves, all of AC Propulsion's technology is manufactured in-house at either our San Dimas, CA or Shanghai, PRC locations. ™

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