acp in the news

ACP In the News


AC Propulsion Hosts a Mini-E Meeting

AC Propulsion Featured on CNBC's The Eco Capitalist

The Father of Vehicle-To-Grid Charges Toward Commercialization

AC Propulsion has been electrifying cars for decades

Automotive X-Prize: X Tracer team squeaks two quirky cars into next stage

Sept. 23-25: UD Energy and Sustainability Conference planned

Will Better Place Become a Power Provider?

AC Propulsion CEO on Why “V2G” is a Misnomer

Car News: Venture Vehicles Goes Bust, AC Propulsion Goes to China and Fuel from Dead Pines

FOR KIDS: Charged cars that would charge

UD's V2G technology takes national stage

V2G Hybrids, Electric Vehicles Could Feed Power to Electric Grid

Power From EVs to Grid Can Help U.S. Meet Electrical Demand, Propenents Say

New Electric Car Pays For Itself

Leasing car batteries to the power company

Drive Green, Make Money

Get paid to plug in

Electric car lets drivers sell back unused watts

Postal Service asks five firms to help it deliver in a green way

Taiwan Gears Up for Electric Car Production

Three Electric Vehicle Experts: KPCB, Coulomb, AC Propulsion

Congress Considers Adding 20,000 Electric Vehicles To USPS Fleet

University of Delaware Licenses V2G Technology to AutoPort; 100 V2G EVs as Test Fleet

Mailin’ Goes Electric

Postal Service to Test Electric Truck

AC Propulsion and Autoport to Develop Electric Postal Trucks

AC Propulsion and Autoport, Inc. Partner to Develop Electric Vehicle Technology for US Postal Service Feasibility Study

AC Propulsion Going Postal?

Postal Service to Test Electric Van, EV Pioneer AC Propulsion is Co-Developer


Eco Agenda at the Dubai International Motor Show

Yulon Develops “tobe” Own-brand Car Products for World Market

L.A.’s New Take On “Car Culture”: Green Car Launchpad

Electrification Roadmap Bypasses Important Role for Vehicle-to-Grid

AC Propulsion – The Quiet Revolutionaries

Face Off: GM and Better Place on Electric Car Services

The New York Examiner test drives the eBox

InTech discusses the Delaware V2G bill

AC Propulsion partner University of Delware and AC Propulsion's eBox play role in signing of historic V2G bill

Los Angeles Times profiles AC Propulsion CEO, Tom Gage

The New York Times profiles the University of Delaware V2G project
(7/22/2009) takes a look at the electric LUXGEN

USA Today talks to a Mini E lessee about his experiences with the car

Wired features names AC Propulsion as the father of the EV Revolution

EV World test drives the Mini E, and walks us through features and drive experience


Automobile Magazine profiles the Mini E

FOX News reviews the Mini E

Popular Science test drives the Mini E

Bloomberg covers the electric Mini Cooper (Mini E)

Truck Trend profiles AC Propulsion's partnership with Yulon Motors to produce the Luxgen, an electric MPV

Fox News features AC Propulsion in an article about V2G's potential to provide income to owners of electric vehicles

San Jose Mercury News interviews AC Propulsion CEO Tom Gage on the future of the auto industry (video)

CNET highlights AC Propulsion in examining whether Silicon Valley is the next hub for the American car industry


New Scientist discusses University of Delaware's research on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) using AC Propulsion technology

Newsweek discusses AC Propulsion's partnership ad history with Tesla Motors

Autoweek profiles the eBox, quotes Tom Hanks on his experiences


EV World profiles and test drives AC Propulsion's eBox


LA Weekly talks to AC Propulsion founder Alan Cocconi about the future of electric vehicles


Forbes profile of the “World's Fastest Sports Car: The tzero™

New York Times Profile of the tzero™ sports car


AutoSpeed profile on the original tzero™ sports car
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Part 2