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Drive Systems
AC Propulsion drive systems lead the industry in power density and efficiency. They deliver up to 200 kW (268 hp) motor output for spirited driving while maximizing vehicle range with high efficiency over a broad operating range. Smooth and comprehensive energy recovery is provided through traction-controlled regenerative braking. ACP drive systems feature an Integrated Reductive Charger that delivers up to 18kW of charge power for unparallelled performance - reduced charger cost, reduced charger weight and reduced charge time.

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AC-75: Light Duty System

AC-75 provides peak power output of 75kW. This drive system is designed for light weight passenger and commercial vehicles.

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AC-150 Gen 3 System: For Next generation EVs

This new drive system is smaller in size and has many new features. Gen 3 system - proven technology that surpasses customer expectations.
To see what's new in the 3rd generation AC-150 system please see the datasheet.

AC-150 Gen 3 Drive system