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Drive Systems
Since 1992, AC Propulsion has been a leader in development of drive systems which lead the industry in power density and efficiency. Products ranging from 80kW to over 200kW (268 hp) motor output have been built for spirited driving while maximizing vehicle range. Our custom designed induction motors feature high efficiency over a broad operating range, thus achieving drive cycle efficiency comparable to the best PM machines. Smooth and comprehensive energy recovery is provided through traction-controlled regenerative braking. ACP technology includes drive systems that feature an Integrated "Reductive" Charger that delivers up to 18kW of charge power for reduced charger cost, reduced weight and reduced charge time.

AC Propulsion designs and engineers drives systems for OEM vehicle companies. Our latest generation is designed to meet the stringent demands of customers for performance, reliability, environmental ruggedness and cost. Our sister company, eMotor Advance, located in Beijing, China, is prepared to provide serial production units to customers worldwide.

drive system engine overview
Dynamometer Testing Gen 2 Motor

Gen 4 Motor with Integrated Inverter

Motor with Top Mount Integrated Inverter