battery management

Vehicle Management System

Our Vehicle Management System (VMS) coordinates battery management, recharging, energy monitoring, and AC grid interface functions. Features of the VMS include:

  • Advanced Drive Control Circuitry
  • "Glass smooth" torque under all load and speed conditions
  • Natural and transparent driving feel
  • Driver adjustable regeneration
  • Traction control
  • Speed control
  • Interface and control for tzero™ Battery Management System
  • Displays for battery state of charge, Ah, Wh, regeneration Ah and Wh, net Wh/mile
  • RS232 serial port for laptop computer displays
  • Global Positioning System Option for location-specific grid services
  • Wireless bi-directional internet communications for remote dispatch of grid power services and remote diagnostics
  • Energy management algorithms to deploy grid power functions subject to driver range requirements.
  • Battery module-level upper and lower voltage limits for regeneration and motoring.

vehicle management system